Anyone looking to resupply their office coffee machine will already know that disposable cups seem to get used even faster than the capsules, packages, or sachets that your drinks machine takes.

Why that might be, we can only speculate, but it’s still something to take into account when ordering refills for your machine – and Cheap Coffee Supplies is as ready to keep you steadily supplied with coffee cups as we are with the coffee, and always at comfortably low prices.

We offer our own brand and (larger) plain cups, but if you’re offering these to customers you may prefer the Kenco or Flavia branded cups for the guarantee of quality they represent. We know that making the right impression on your customers can be vital, and that even details like this can be the turning point that clinches the sale.

Any branded cups are offered in packages of 1000, while the larger plain cups come in packs of 500. We also provide clear and white plastic disposable drinking cups for cold drinks, which come in packages of 2000, and sip lids are available in quantities of 1000 for any size cup that we offer.

If your order totals more than £65, delivery to any workplace in the UK is free.