Flavia Drinks Sachets; Choose Your Flavia Coffee Flavour

Flavia coffee machines have made a real name for themselves over the past few years, and when you look at the quality of the drinks they produce it’s easy to see why.

Mars Drinks’ flagship entry into the hot drinks machine marketplace is backed by the full range of much-loved brands and flavours under their umbrella.

Yorkshire Tea, Taylor’s of Harrogate and Alterra roast coffees, Mars and Galaxy chocolate drinks (with Fabulous Froth!), and the Bright Tea range of fruit teas are all available from us at Cheap Coffee Supplies in packets of between 72 and 140 sachets.

We care passionately about making sure great tasting hot drinks are available to everyone, so we offer our Flavia Drinks refills at the lowest possible price point.

Cheap Coffee Supplies is here to make sure your place of business gets the caffeine supply it craves. We also supply your Flavia or CCS branded paper cups and cup lids as well as plastic stirrers, all in quantities of a thousand.

Also available to Cheap Coffee Supplies customers are Flavia brand whitener, pots of Lakeland semi-skimmed milk, white and brown sugar sticks and – a real treat for hot drinks lovers – large packets of Border Biscuits, perfect for dunking.

We offer free shipping to business addresses in the UK on all orders of £65 and over. You can order online or call us on 0800 021 3000.