Flavia Coffee Machines

The FLAVIA line of coffee machines from Mars Drinks has turned a lot of heads, and for good reason. There’s a case to be made that the Creation 500 is the shape of things to come in the hot drinks machine market, and its precursor and budget alternative, the Creation 200, is a standout machine on its own merits.

The unique FLAVIA filter pack preserves all of the flavour and aroma of the drinks within, so a great coffee in a FLAVIA pack is a great coffee whenever it’s made, with a rich, full bodied taste. They’re also well known for an impressively short start-up time meaning that your first cup of the day is just seconds away.

The unique tank design keeps water heated to a precision-controlled perfect temperature for use and – even better – heats only enough for a few cups at a time, so while the FLAVIA can keep up a continuous rolling production of coffee, it’s also startlingly energy efficient, resulting in continued savings over time.

Because these machines are part of the Mars Drinks brand the available drinks are part of the appeal of these excellent machines too, with Yorkshire Tea, Taylors’ of Harrogate and Alterra coffee, and Mars and Galaxy hot chocolate drinks among others – and you can buy these drinks in bulk and cheaply here at Cheap Coffee Supplies too.

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