Business customers looking to purchase refills of Galaxy hot chocolate drinks for their hot drinks machine will be pleased to know there are two lines of coffee machine which can offer Galaxy drinks; the FLAVIA line of machines and the Klix line.

We receive a regular flow of orders for refill packs for both lines at Cheap Coffee Supplies, so we know how high the demand for great hot chocolate from hot drinks machines can be, and we know that the option of serving Galaxy hot chocolate is one of the (many) selling points that lead customers to order our FLAVIA drinks machines.

Whichever machine you have on your premises, we can recommend serving an individual packet of Borders Biscuits alongside your steaming cup of Galaxy.

Galaxy for FLAVIA

Packs of Galaxy hot chocolate for FLAVIA drinks machines offer 72 servings per pack, and can be ordered here. As with all FLAVIA drinks, the result is rich, full-bodied, and tastes great.

Ordering multiple refill packs or buying your Galaxy refills alongside new cups or other drinks lines for your FLAVIA machine will quickly bring you to the minimum threshold for free delivery to businesses across the UK - £65 is enough to trigger that benefit, and even with our low, low prices there’s plenty to order to meet it!

Galaxy for Klix

Klix machines offer two forms of Galaxy hot drink; a 9oz Galaxy Mocha available in packs of 320 servings, which you can order here, and the low-fat Galaxy Light Style hot chocolate with 37 calories for a smaller cup, available in packs of 375 – which can be ordered here.

Either one costs just pennies per serving and will trigger free delivery to your workplace, so what are you waiting for?