Kenco Singles

For many years the Kenco Singles machine was one of Britain’s best-loved choices for hot drinks machine. The drinks available for it – including many of the nation’s favourite brands – are a big part of the reason.
When the machine was discontinued, many workplaces continued to use theirs. We’ve been proud to supply these companies, up and down the land, with the capsules needed for their daily coffees, teas, and more.
In 2018, Kenco Singles capsules are finally being discontinued. We’ve already heard from several companies wondering how they could replace this – but help is at hand.
FLAVIA coffee machines have been on the market for several years now. In that time, they’ve developed the same kind of love and loyalty as the Kenco Singles. They’ve even done it for similar reasons.
The machines are highly reliable and efficient. You can depend on them as you did the Kenco Singles.
And just like Kenco Singles, the range of drinks available includes some highly popular brands.
Order your FLAVIA today – and don’t forget to order your drinks and refills from Cheap Coffee Supplies. Great prices and fantastic service, every time.

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