Kenco Singles machines

We still receive a great deal of interest in the Kenco Singles brand, and that’s very understandable. Kenco Singles drinks are flavourful, aromatic, and delicious – everything you want when you want a cup of coffee.

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Sadly, the Singles coffee machine line has been discontinued and we can no longer offer these to clients, so whether you want to replace an existing machine which has failed or you’ve tried a cup of Kenco Singles elsewhere and you want to be able to recreate the taste in your workplace that’s no longer possible.

However, we do have an alternative! At Cheap Coffee Supplies our passion for coffee runs strong and we want to make sure every business has the ability to deliver great tasting drinks from hot drinks machines on their premises – and while we can no longer supply Kenco Singles machines, the FLAVIA Creation range from Mars Drinks is available.

With the dazzling flavours and great tastes of Mars Drinks’ famous brands available, FLAVIA machines deliver a great taste every time and are a more than worthy successor to the Kenco Singles machine as the hot drinks machine of choice for smart businesses everywhere.

For more information on the machines, see their own sale page on this very site and you’ll be able to choose the right FLAVIA Creation system for you – and delivery is free to UK businesses!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and helping you take the next step on your quest for great coffee.