One of the great advantages of having a Klix coffee machine is the way they use In-Cup technology to offer options that other hot drinks machines really can’t match. Klix machines avoid flavour contamination and drastically reduce the need for cleaning by brewing the drink directly in the cup.

And one bright genius at Mars Drinks realised that that meant the Klix line could also offer soup!

Knorr provide two different soup options for the Klix line, offering you and your colleagues at work the chance to order a pack with 400 servings of smooth, full-flavoured soup for lunch or just as a refreshing, warming snack. On a crisp autumn day or in the depths of winter you can expect to see serving after serving just fly by!

The Knorr Tomato soup option gives you a thick, creamy tomato soup sure to satisfy any craving, and its companion, Knorr Vegetable soup, even comes with croutons!

Ordering a single packet of either rich soup is enough to trigger free delivery to UK workplaces from Cheap Coffee Supplies, and each serving still costs only pennies – but why not order packets of both? That way whatever your colleagues’ preferences you’re able to support them, and that might just be the easiest way to raise morale.