Nescafe Coffee for your Coffee Machine

The great tasting coffees from Nescafe brands are available from your office hot drinks machine – if your office hot drinks machine is a Klix Drinks machine. Because the Klix Outlook is designed to also handle much larger cups, there are often larger alternatives to the offerings in their range. Regular packs contain 375 servings, while packs for larger cups contain 400.

In addition, most Nescafe refills for Klix are available in black, white, and white with sugar varieties.

Nescafe Original

You can order refill packs of Nescafe Original in the aforementioned black, white, or white with sugar according to the needs of your colleagues. Also available is Nescafe Decaff in white and white with sugar variants.

Nescafe Gold Blend

For the British, Gold Blend is easily the most famous and best-loved of Nescafe’s brands, and it’s no surprise that it promises the most options.

For all Klix ranges, regular cup size refills are available as black, white, or white with sugar. Also available for order are the larger packs for the Klix Outlook, again in black, white, and white with sugar.

Cappuccinos and Lattes

Nescafe Cappuccino is available in regular and large sizes. For those with the Klix Outlook we also carry the large Nescafe Latte.

An order of any one Klix refill pack is enough to trigger the free delivery to any UK workplace, so you can rely on Cheap Coffee Supplies to deliver plenty of great-tasting coffee at the right price.