Nothing refreshes like Starburst, and one of the great joys of the Klix line of hot drinks machines for the workplace is that, with the Mars Drinks brand heavily behind them, they can offer that brand of thirst-quenching refreshment to your staff and customers in drink form.

Along with a wide range of hot drinks including teas, coffees, hot chocolates, and even soups, Klix machines can also dispense cold drinks, and Cheap Coffee Supplies offers both white and clear plastic cups designed for the serving sizes on offer.

Each Starburst refill pack for Klix contains 375 servings and retails for just enough to trigger free delivery to UK workplaces from Cheap Coffee Supplies, but why order only one when there are two varieties and among your colleagues you’re likely to find fans of both.

Starburst Orange is self-explanatory but Starburst Tropical is more likely to prompt questions about the ingredients. It’s made from passion fruit, pineapple and papaya, and can be a cool, refreshing burst of flavour right when you need it most.

Keep your colleagues refreshed and raring to go with Starburst and Klix!